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Brown Skin, Not Brown Enough

White man likes the way I look
He says something on the lines of exotic-
About Jasmine entrancing the air above me
My hourglass figure, the way I walk, the way I talk
White man “Keep driving”, I say
He says my problem is that-
I am too foreign for my own body, not native enough for this land

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1-800- Chup kar

Why is it that the weight of my culture

Can be scaled down

And lost amidst translations

Generated from a Google Toolbar


Ask Starbucks to take a back seat on their “Chai lattes”

Because originality does not seem like their forte.

A delicate haldi doodh mixture-

A recipe for cold passed down from generations,

Is now validated because Jarrow Formulas decided to term it “Golden milk”?

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The circle of life: A millennial edition 

In today’s headlines: The daily millennial complains of increased apartments rents

whilst aligning carefully, his dysfunctional yellow bicycle

by the chipped paint thinner walls on his compound

This is in order create an illusion of aesthetic

but observe as he stalls, along his walk to the rent department

as to seem not too interested in the counter offer

because after all,

money is a social concept

He then proceeds to diverge

steering clear into the nearest Starbucks

as his “basic” radar goes off

sniffing the faint tinge of a chai latte in the air

He looks around in order to find more of his kind

but it seems as though the setting sun

has created a labyrinth of hues

which has now distracted the Vine cultured millennials

off their 6-second attention span

They proceed to whip out their iPhone 7’s

that weighs just as much as a pocket watch they could possibly be hiding

in their plaid pant pockets

in order to take an Instagram picture

of a half tilted take away cup in Valencia

Remember always, the millennial motto:

If you place your possessions by an aesthetically pleasing background

make sure to always double-check

that they are colour coordinated and bizarre

because why be rational when you can be irrational?


-Nicole Ruth