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God Is Fair, God is Stern, God is Love

Provided a truth among many lies, filled with doubt be running eyes. You played your card, yet you took mine, Stern is the parent’s hand on their child’s behind.

Labeled stone or embrace,

Labeled love or hate,

Mixed illusion of dark and light,

Which one will you take?


Forgiver or sinner, loser or winner, An osmosis of finisher and beginner,

which be thinner?


Blood, or People’s empty promises? Naysayers and do-haters, be envious and bite like gators, they wait around for your very fall. But God is testing, God has a wrath that’ll deplete it all.

Many will claim they’re there for you.

Claim they have your back, only to never fall through, never keep their word, be enemies who attempt to dissolve you.


They ain’t fair,

But God plays fair,

And she’s always there,

And she always cares.


She can be stern if you don’t value a lesson,

Not every opportunity is bad. Within each is a blessing.

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Hey there Kid…

Hey There Kid

Hey, kid–kid with the kinky thick hair. The kid with the name everyone pronounced wrong. The bubbly chubby kid who loved to sing. One kid who’d run around with her portable speaker and mic and perform like a little preacher. Kid who loved climbing the trees in the backyard. The kid with a bottomless imagination. A kid who’d daydream all day. Hey there, kid, who loved bubble baths with her mom and would sing, “You are so beautiful….to me, can’t you see?” Continue reading Hey there Kid…

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God Is A Black Femme

God Is A Black Femme

God is a Black Femme Her faith is strong and permeated, and she is bound in strength and love. It’s hard to be a woman, but can you imagine the burden as a BLACK woman? Being demonized, sexualized, prejudged at your roots, and historically traumatized? Being told you’re too dark, being told you have a bad attitude and a harsh cold heart? Being mistreated within society and even by some in our own community. Yet we still thrive and still rise to power in all our ingenuity. We keep our integrity, and we keep our heads a spear. Despite all of the pain and suffering over the years. Continue reading God Is A Black Femme