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Broken Behavior

i can feel the brokenness

moving inside of you

it’s like a magnet

i need to hold you close and repel the fears

that rob you of your peaceful eyes

allow me to be your knight during those nights

when darkness comes to bring you wool

perhaps i’m so attracted to these cracks in your foundation

because i’m familiar with the void

and the depths it produces

when we lack the ability to avoid

i know you need a guardian

that makes you feel safe as you hide

let me provide some sort of blanket for your security

even if it may only be

for a short time.


Featured Image: Keith Haring Artwork

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Genre Spoken Word Challenge Winner | @bunnywriter

Big congrats to @bunnywriter for being chosen as one of the three winners of our #GenreSpokenWord challenge that was hosted from 6/10-6/18th! Please make sure that you check out her serene submission below!

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Created in light of recent events that have occurred overseas in Syria. Please pray for these people and send them positive vibes/energy. THANK YOU GENRE FOR SPREADING AWARENESS!

“Lets put everything into perspective….

Warfare is a way of life

Like waking in the morning

To raid the dresser

Or waking in the middle of the night

To hellfire and airstrikes

Constantly living under pressure


Are you stressed from everyday pressures

Imagine the pressures that they face

Wondering if their families will survive another night

Their fears like refugees

Unable to stay in place


I’m ignorant 

I’m in my bubble

Off to work I go 

Encased by the false projections

That the media wants us to know 


Meanwhile someone is trapped inside the rubble 

Surrounded by destruction and death

Chemicals attaching to skin and bone

Count your blessings

It’s all we have left”