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March of the Poet

Words on the page
Yeah, they made sense
Heck, they even had a little flow at the end

But who am I writing for?
Some narcissistic group of force-fed clones?
Where were they back when it was just me?
Back when there was nobody screaming my name
I was alone with my 3-ring
Man, I remember how it used to feel,
when I’d make that pen sing!

Sometimes I contemplate my fate
Did I sell my creative soul for a taste?
Just to chase the dollar sign
Yeah, I won’t lie
It can consume at night
Success is a double-edged sword
Both promising and debilitating

Yet, I march on
Words on the page
Yeah, they make sense
Heck they even have a little flow at the end
As I peck each key
I’m writing for humanity.





Photography: Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash

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Show Me Love

Give me a souls exploding
Temperature rising
Sing it to the rooftops, kind of love
Give me an eyes wide open
Up all night
Can’t eat
Can’t sleep, kind of love
Give me a promises kept
Compromises met
No lies, kind of love
Give me a forever
Hand in hand
Till death do us part, kind of love
For now?
For now, just give me love.

Photography: Lanaya
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Frequent Flyer

Ironic don’t you think?

Even clipped

These wings instinctively move with the wind,

They’re slapping at my face

Hoping I fall from the sky

Pulling but I keep pushing

Must be hunting season

Feels like I’ve got a target on my back

Critics don’t cut me any slack

I just smile and keep writing

Silently flying

On my way to the top

It’s a lonely ride

But I’m not ready to stop.


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Dear Child

Dear younger self

Well child

You’ve turned 18

Reached the pinnacle of adulthood, right?

Here’s a rolled up newspaper

Make sure you whack those wolves hard

They mean business

Out for blood

Be wary of those that are familiar

They’ll stab you in the heart, far faster than strangers

Oh, and believe me, not everyone has your best interests in mind

You’ll learn that lesson with time

Good luck, it’s a wild jungle out there.


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In the Air

Can you feel it in the air?
That cold chill
Ripples up your spine
There’s a restless whisper
And it’s gaining momentum
Every time shots ring out
Every time mouths go hungry
Every time a child hurts
Every time
It gets louder and louder
Deafening like a hurricane
It can’t be silenced
It won’t be silenced
And it screams



Photography: Lanaya