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I’m feeling myself.

Lights, camera, action

then she started flashing

said let’s make a movie

not a fan nor a groupie

I was feeling her

and she was feeling me

body on body

no space in between

kissing on my neck

next thing ya know

she reached down below

freaking out

oh no

I’m not well versed

and she grabbed me by the hand

said show me your worst.

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like jenga.

Here’s to fragile egos

falling like games of Jenga.

Watch it crumble.

Watch it crumble.


not really humble

a paranoid psycho

afraid to start a conversation—

no typo

but I walk a tightrope

cruising on fumes

running out of hope


that’s the saddest shit I ever wrote.


Photo Cred: Hamza Abdulilah

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When you’re tired of your man give me a call.

when you’re tired of saying his name

just give me a call

when you get fed up with lies and forced conversations

with half-hearted smiles and a touch of acting

just give me a call

when you get tired of seeking his attention

because his priority isn’t you

just give me a call

when you’re ready i’m ready

just give me a call