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@BoweryPoetry: Nia Mora

About me: Nia Mora is a Harlem based poet and writer. she’s come undone is Nia’s debut poetry collection. Nia holds an MA in Creative Writing but credits her 8th grade English teacher, David Ivesoli and high school creative writing teacher, Francine Witte for turning her into a professional. In addition to birthing books, Nia is the mother of two girls and the wife of one husband.



About my writing: My body of work is much like the city I come from good vibes that intersect with breaks, sharp turns, yet there is a softness to it like the sun setting over the Hudson. There are rises and falls like the hills of Harlem. I write about what I feel and the things that need to heal in me and in you.


#GenreFam: I learned about Genre on Instagram just seeing a post someone shared and then I started following Genre. I submitted and now I’m here!

I decided I wanted to be a writer at four. Fell in love with poetry after reading a June Jordan poem, “Alla Thas’ All Right” so much so that I never returned the anthology– it was featured in the library. Fast Forward to me writing poetry throughout high school and college, doing readings, hosting shows, and all of that and then I stopped. I just stopped for 10 years and returned again April of 2018. Now my debut collection of poetry, she’s come undone is about to be released and I’m in Genre (yay).

I am most excited about performing in the historic Bowery Poetry Club. Back in high school, I wrote a poem that a friend of mine still talks about and performing at a place like the Bowery, so I would be living a dream I wrote down for myself 20 years ago. I am happy that despite the fact I abandoned my dream it never abandoned me.


Genre: Urban Arts will be at Bowery Poetry in NYC October 28th, 2018, 6- 7:30 pm. We will have spoken-word, live music, and other performance arts. Click the button to purchase tickets.

Bowery Poetry




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My True Colors Festival

My True Colors Festival in association with Harlem 2020 present Grace Jones: Bloodlight and Bami. This electrifying journey through the public and private worlds of mega-icon Grace Jones contrasts musical sequences with intimate personal footage. Sophie Fiennes’s documentary goes beyond the traditional music biography, offering a portrait as stylish and unconventional as the larger-than-life, androgynous glam-pop culture diva.

Join us for a pre-screening Cocktail Hour plus a post-screening Book Signing and Panel Discussion: “The Power of Black Style On Fashion and Culture Worldwide” with industry experts, including Essence Editor-At-Large Mikki Taylor, Fashion Bomb Daily Founder and leading style blogger Claire Sulmers, legendary black supermodel Pat Cleveland, and Christian Ruart, a renown fashion guru and celebrity stylist who discovered and worked with models like Tyra Banks, Tyson Beckford, Naomi Campbell, and Claudia Schiffer. Join us for an insightful conversation led by My True Colors Co-Founder and Executive Producer Tai Chunn on the ins and outs of black style, its important contribution to fashion and its influence on culture worldwide. The panel also will discuss the industry influence of Grace Jones. While Beyoncé and Rihanna are among today’s major style icons, Grace Jones remains one of the most referenced fashion icons of all time.

Mikki Taylor will be on hand to sign her book, Editor in Chic: How to Style and Be Your Most Empowered Self, shares uplifting advice for women who want to cultivate their beauty both inside and out. As will Claire Sulmers, whose book The Bomb Life: My Brand. My Terms, is part memoir, part self-help with tips for aspiring bloggers;
and Pat Cleveland, whose memoir Walking With The Muses covers fifty years of fashion from the intersection of the Civil Rights Movement, the disco era’s decadence, and the grandeur of Hollywood’s late 70s renaissance

Film Running Time: 116 Minutes

Cocktail Hour begins at 6:00pm in the Media Gallery;

Film Screening starts 7:00pm in the Screening Room


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Become a Contributor

Contributorship with Genre: Urban Arts provides creatives with a platform to publish art digitally and in print.

Perks of being a contributor to Genre: Urban Arts:

  • publish to a digitally
  • publish in the Quarterly print magazine
  • be featured on social media accounts
  • become part of a global community of creatives

Requirements for contributors:

  • construct a post 2-4 times a month
  • promote content from the site
Contribute to the Site
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Exposing Politics

FREE Theater for disadvantaged youth and communities around the country!

Well, Oscar Sanders’ traveling political social justice spoken word play Exposing Politics: A Play of Acts Tour, is a New York Foundation for the Arts Fiscally Sponsored project that seeks donations and contributions to provide free theater to economically disadvantaged children and youth at college venues. Click the button to make a generous donation to our effort to put smiles on faces that haven’t experienced the joy of theater:

Exposing Politics


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After all,

It is not important

to remember me

I will not be immortalized

As every god should be

organs removed

and placed aside

wrapped tightly

With such care

that I exist

in some way

for infinity

Who was I to you

And the universe


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Whore House Chic


Hues kiss

& accentuate decor

Linens pleadingly invite

a take of rest

in comfort

tufts of fragrant

wisps sensually caress

aura enrapturing


Similarly, so is she.

Until your gaze

lays upon her

critically piercing


your own humanity



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naive secrets

Poetry Lonnie Monka 

snow-soiled feet trailed between alcohol & drugs incubating that suburban winter-break assembly

of conversations forgotten upon being spoken

with golden strands fanning those shoulders

her untouchable frame stirred as the last one

awake & cleaning the house–alone–with me

somehow we snuck into the master-bedroom

stretching across some other family’s bedspread

where too long awake now dream-lost lips touched

hands & fingers caressing curves through clothing tongues trading a mosaic of unspoken secrets

till I awoke alone–smiling & never to see her again

& lightning struck in the storm of friends calling because she had died a sudden death

which precipitated void-driven conversation

& conversation after conversation after conversation all I could think was that I had kissed her

& never told a single soul what I then wanted to scream


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Mile Long Opera

We are proud community members of the Mile Long Opera. See you there! Sign up to stay in the know!

The Mile-Long Opera will take place on the High Line, October 3—7, 2018. All performances are free but require advance tickets which will be available from September 5th, 2018. On the day of each performance, the High Line will close early for general audiences to allow registered ticket holders to experience the performance at set reservation times each evening. Sign up here to stay up to date on ticketing information and community events (



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Print Submission Requirements
Topic: Open Requirements: work must be ORIGINAL and UNPUBLISHED.
Vibed Out category focuses on the music of the urban artist. If you or your group has a project being released quarter, consider doing the write up yourself or make contact with Genre: Urban Arts for us to construct a write up for you.
Music Review:
2-3 images (file size no greater than 64MB)Review 300 – 400 wordsSide Notes to Life category focuses on reflection and the times that life offered a new insight. Sharing insights brings us together and helps us see where individuals are connected and where we differ. Being exposed to different cultures’ intricacies as well as indulging ourselves in familiar narratives allows us to consider our relevance and position in the universe.
Nonfiction or Creative Nonfiction
500 words or fewer
Fitted category focuses on urban fashion. Where I’m from we say, “Dude stay fitted,” if, in fact, he does. In this category, we are looking for bloggers or models with impeccable style and designers who want to call attention to his or her work. You are welcome to compose a write up on yourself; however, Genre editors would be happy to interview you and compose one for you. 5-7 Images (file size no greater than 64MB)200-400 words
Composed category focuses on fiction and creative compositions with the exception of creative nonfiction.
2-4 poems with 50 lines or fewer
500 or fewer
Envisioned category caters to the windows of the soul. Visual Artists, please send photographs of original art.
  • Title, Medium
  • 1-3 images (file size no greater than 64MB)
  • Artist statement
  • Title, Medium
  • 5-7 images (file size no greater than 64MB)
  • Artist statement


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Genre: Urban Arts at Milwaukee Fringe Fest

Genre: Urban Arts will be a vendor at the Milwaukee Fringe Festival on August 25th & 26th. Come to pay us a visit! 

We are working on a portraiture project that will be on exhibition soon. Come have your photo taken to have the opportunity to become a part of the art!

We will also have Genre: Urban Arts No. 4 Mags on sale as well as other Genre Merch. 

Read more about MKE Fringe Fest below:

On August 27th – 28th, 2016 the MKE Fringe made its debut in downtown Milwaukee. Following the rich tradition of Fringe Festivals, the Milwaukee Fringe Festival is a showcase of a diverse collection of artists that call Milwaukee home. From theatrical actors to painters, musicians to tap dancers, performance artists to playwrights, MKE Fringe is a joyous celebration of what makes Milwaukee’s culture vibrant and extraordinary (

There will be over 30 acts as well as a plethora of vendors. Come to support Milwaukee Creatives! Visit for more info.


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We are Coming for Our Language

a poem by Shirley Jones


In the history of words         suffragettes fighting for rights

badges of honor     queer an insult         to some but a fortune

to others       who wish to  tell it slant & mingle fact with fiction

as they try to     copyright our words    we must reclaim our names

This appropriation is unnecessary    for the power of language

has been distorted       & used against us

Continue reading We are Coming for Our Language

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The Billy Conahan Experience Live video at Bowery Poetry Club

If you’re looking to quail your creative fix, here is video from our partners over at Bowery Poetry. If you are in the NYC area, stop over and visit this classy venue. The drinks are great! The talent never fails to impress, and the staff is DOPE. Big ups Heath and Julius.

In the area? View their calendar below.

Bowery Poetry Calendar



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Milwaukee’s Latino Youth Speak Out in New Music Video, El Color De La Libertad

Amidst divisive national debate over immigration and policies that separate families, the new student lead music video El Color De La Libertad gives voice to Latino youth, providing a powerful perspective on freedom in the United States.

The product of a collaboration between Jazale’s Art Studio and Alexander Mitchell Integrated Arts School, El Color De La Libertad (The Color of Freedom) combines the words of Latino 7th grade students with the talents of Milwaukee-based musicians MC(mikal), Klassik, SistaStrings, and filmmaker Wes Tank.  Continue reading Milwaukee’s Latino Youth Speak Out in New Music Video, El Color De La Libertad

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5 Ways Meditation Can Increase Your Creativity

Meditation has been found to be extremely effective for many of our modern problems. Studies have shown that it can help increase your creativity. If you have ever tried meditation, you understand the benefits of how it relaxes and centers you. Seen as more of a spiritual practice in the past, it is clear that it can be extremely helpful in our day to day lives.

Creative business coach Mark McGuinness meditates for 20 minutes a day before he starts work. He focuses on his breathing while doing so. He has found that he gains focus, patience, calmness, clarity, and insight. He isn’t the only one in the business world using meditation. The likes of Tony Robbins, Tim Ferriss, and many other highly successful people that depend on their creativity use meditation before they start their workday. Here are 5 ways that meditation increases creativity.

Meditation and How it Works on the Brain

There are three parts to the brain that work together in order to get your creative juices flowing. The reptilian part of your brain is your oldest part. It covers breathing and automatic things. The limbic system is where your empathy and emotions can be found. Then there is the Neocortex which is the newest part. It is the most advanced part of the brain. We are capable of being aware of ourselves like no other species. This is why we can learn language, paint, play music, and write screenplays.

The limbic and Neocortex system will both activate to search for solutions. The limbic looks to past experiences to find the best solution. The Neocortex analyzes everything and is looking for a rational answer. Interesting, the limbic system comes up with answers faster even though the Neocortex would perhaps come up with a more rational answer.

1. Effects on the Neocortex

Meditation is a work in progress. It trains you to be aware of yourself and your surroundings. It trains you to be in the moment. The Neocortex is the part of the brain that controls your awareness. When you meditate, you train this part of the brain to become stronger. Meditation on a daily basis will allow you to make better choices. You can see bad habits and analyze the things you’re doing right in your life and things that don’t serve you. It is the newest part of the evolution of our brain. It is in charge of things like:

  • Creativity
  • Solving problems
  • Visioning
  • Strategizing
  • Visionary

By strengthening this area of the brain, you will be better able to reach that creative aspect of yourself.

2. Managing Emotions Continue reading 5 Ways Meditation Can Increase Your Creativity

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Black Woman

a poem by Evany Martinez

How do you tell her she’s too

loud when you silenced her for



Too strong when she has to work light

years ahead of you just to catch up.


Too violent with your scars

etched Into her back.


Too dark when your spirit is

composed of ashes from her



Too wild.

Too real.

Too raw.


That must be why you

can only rise if she falls.

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Tight Rope Talking

a poem by Sarah Chafin

I’m waiting for you to call,

inviting me to another game

of telephone

I hear, you say

I play

person in the middle

tip-toeing on rope tight


between everyone

I love

not sure how to feel,

what to say

or if I should

say anything

at all

because anything I say

could be the thing

that causes

this entire family

to crumble

into dust


-tightrope talking